Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

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REF0056 Durrow Mills Graphic Elements Bird 2

Do you sell strong flour ?

Yes! All our wheat flours are strong flours. Have a browse through them here: Organic 100% Sprouted Fine Milled, Organic 100% Sprouted Coarse Milled and Organic Sprouted Bakers Mix. 

CAn I mix sprouted flours with regular flour ?

Sure! If you prefer to blend our flours with non-sprouted flours you can. 

Where are your Organic grains grown ?

We buy grains from Ireland, Europe and sometimes beyond. We would like to use more Irish grown grain if possible and are working to convert our farm to organic and also buy more from current Irish Organic farmers.

Why is the flour a cream brown colour ?

We stone mill our flours so they contain all the portions of the grain. Oh, and we never bleach our flour. EVER! Nothing added and nothing taken away.

Do I need to do anything different ?

Nope! You can use any recipe that you have. Just substitute in Durrow Mills Sprouted Flours for the same amount of regular flour the recipe calls for. 

What can I make with your flours ?

You can use our flours just like regular flours in any recipes. But if you need some inspiration, go and have a look at our recipes here.